Lydiard Running Wizard Testimonial by Marie O’Leary

Dec. 17, 2021 — Marie O’Leary runs for Team Running Niche, coached by Bob Dyer in St. Louis, MO. Ever since she started using Lydiard Running Wizard training program under the guidance of Coach Bob, she has made a steady and gradual but notable improvement. She has been a textbook “student” of Running Wizard plan; she understands the program well (thanks to Bob’s tutorage!) and follow the plan as intended to, trusting the program. After her 2:46 performance, a 3-minute PR, at this year’s Chicago Marathon, I asked her to share her experience with Running Wizard. Here is Marie’s story:

“I have completed several Running Wizard based Lydiard training cycles and have continued to see significant improvement over time. I started my Running Wizard journey in 2018 after running 3:13 at the Boston Marathon. At the time, my training was exclusively long aerobic runs and a 1x/ week long run. As a post collegiate distance runner, I yearned for a structured training plan that fostered accountability. This program has provided just that!

Since starting with this training method, my marathon times have improved from 3:00 — > 2:53 — > 2:49 and most recently 2:46 at the 2021 Chicago Marathon. My times in the half marathon have improved from ~1:28 to 1:20. Reflecting upon the most recent run in Chicago, I was able to nearly even split the race on a day when many runners slowed down during the second half due to heat & wind. I believe that the strength built through the Running Wizard Lydiard program provided me with the aerobic endurance required to maintain a relatively consistent pace throughout the entire race.

I feel that following the Lydiard methods and detailed workouts provided by the Running Wizard program have allowed me to improve my training and racing incrementally over the years and have led to consistent improvement. Most notably, I have been able to increase mileage & intensity throughout each training cycle without experiencing any major setbacks due to overtraining or injury.

My biggest advice to those considering a Running Wizard program is to trust the process and stay consistent with your training! If you do, I believe you will find success with this program.

Thank you!

Marie O’Leary”

* I have written my monthly newsletter in October, featuring how Marie prepared for Chicago Marathon. I will eventually upload all the archive monthly newsletter and post them here so stay tuned!! — Nobby Hashizume



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